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     At GET'N FIT we know that age is only a number, and with proper and

consistent training anyone can feel better than they've ever felt in their

lives.  We have set out to find a better way and we have.  Intentional

exercise combined with an attentive knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge

training methods, and a belief that training for success no matter the

goal is what makes energizing your life possible. 

     Over the last 18-plus years of helping people change their lives, we've

discovered getting started can be the hardest and most intimidating part. 

We understand that making the decision to add exercise to your life is

difficult.  Will I like the other members?  Will I be able to fit it into my

schedule?  Will I stick with it?  These are fair questions  that can only be

answered during a complimentary, no-obligation MAPPing Session and tour.  This is where we help you find the reason that will spark your fitness journey.  Many people begin a fitness coaching program like ours to move, to feel, to perform, or to look better.  We are confident that our lifestyle enhancement programs can help you improve your recreational and daily living activities, energizing your life.


                                                                                            We also know that it is hard to hide bad service, poor staff, or a lack

                                                                                        of knowledge face-to-face.  So give us a call today at 970-463-5301

                                                                                        to set up your complimentary MAPPing Session.  You'll meet with a

                                                                                        qualified fitness coach, our staff, and members.  Then decide for

                                                                                        yourself that this is the perfect time to get started on a journey that

                                                                                        can change your body, uplift your mind, find a deeper connection to

                                                                                        your spirit and

                                                                                        add more life

                                                                                        to every day.   

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