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The GF Team

Richelle Schneider


Program Desinger

Fitness Coach,

Yoga Instructor

      Richelle began her journey into the fitness industry by opening GET'N FIT, LLC in April 2004.  Recognizing that there had to be more information out there that would benefit her clients and help them reach their goals she enrolled in the 3 year online Bachelor Degree program in Sports Management with an emphasis on Fitness and Wellness at California University of Pennsylvania.  In May 2009 Richelle graduated Cum Laude from the program.  Along with her degree she also tested for and received her Certified Personal Trainer designation from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) in February 2009. 

     Richelle began practicing yoga in 2006.  It was during that time she realized her yoga experience had truly begun during her childhood gymnastics and dance classes learning how breathing helped deepen the required stretches  Inspired by GET’N FIT members, She began her yoga teacher training with YogaFit and in 2007 started teaching Hatha & Vinyasa style yoga classes focusing on the mind, body, spirit connection.  As a result of her own practice and the classes she presents to her students, Richelle has discovered she feels the best and most like her true self when teaching or practicing yoga.  She strives to help students find that deep connection to their true self as well.

     Richelle studied under the instructors of YogaFit earning certifications in YogaFit Levels 1-5 as well as Pre/Post Natal, Kids, Seniors, Anatomy and Alignment amassing more than 200 hours of teacher training.  Richelle has also learned the “Yoga in Chairs” and “MS Yoga in Chairs” techniques from creator Liz Franklin, and continues to study everything yoga that she can get her hands on. 

Knowing that the fitness industry and the scientific evidence supporting fitness are always changing Richelle has made a commitment to lifelong learning.  Her goal is to learn from the best in the industry as she continues her career enabling her to bring the latest and most effective fitness and wellness information to the members of GET'N FIT.

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