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Semi-Private Fitness Coaching

Do you feel that individual instruction, where your goals are the focus is important?

Would you like to learn new ways to take care of your body in order to stay pain free and maintain your level of independence?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then our personalized programs are for you.  Using the information obtained during your MAPPing Session we formulate a fitness plan specific to you and your goals.  Next we help you execute that plan, support you through the changes, and celebrate your results.  That same support will also come from up to 3 other GET'N FIT members who during your 45-60 minute appointment as they train with you.  
Your program will change every 4-6 weeks so you progress toward your goals and keep boredom at bay.  We recommend booking and attending 3 appointments per week.  As an added bonus included with your Semi-Private Membership you can attend up to 2 yoga classes per week, because we have found that yoga is great for an active rest day and compliments our programs so you achieve faster results.
Call to book your MAPPing Session and become a Semi-Private member TODAY!!  

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