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    Our MAPPing (Multipoint Assessment for Personal Programming) Session is designed to let us get to know you better, and show us where your GET'N FIT journey should begin.  Through a series of physical assessments, general medical and lifestyle survey, and a goal inquiry.  We'll be able to pinpoint any potential Road Blocks that might slow down your progress or keep you from accomplishing your goals. Putting all of the information together allows us to create your personal MAPP to success.  Our dedicated Program Designers will have all the data they need to create a personal program that is individualized to you and your goals.  

Below you will find examples and descriptions for some of the assessments we use during your MAPPing Session .  After you get started as a semi-private member we will re-assess you every time you finish a phase of training (approx. every 4-6 weeks) to make sure that you continue making progress toward your goals.


Posture Assessment

Do you stand up tall? 

Are your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in alignment?

How does your posture change when you lift your arms overhead or bend down to touch your toes?

These are just a few examples of what we look at when we take your picture in front of the postrure grid.

From the start of your journey we will be able to look back at each step of your journey and see the outside changes that have taken place.

Gait Analysis

Do you walk easily and efficiently?

Is your stride hesitant and short or strong and powerful?

Do you feel confident when you are walking down the street or do you look down to watch for obsticles that might be in your way?

Your gait, or how you walk can tell us a lot about your overall fitness.  We will video tape your walk each time we assess your progress to monitor the changes that take place along your GET'N FIT journey.


Balance Assessment

Falls can be one of the biggest sources of fear as we age.  We will assess your balance in multiple ways to make sure your can be stable as you move through your daily activities.


Vision Assessments

How we see the world around us and how our brain interperets those images can have a profound impact on our ability to move.  The vision assessments we use will allow us to focus in on any possible issues and help you keep your eye muscles strong and working their best so you can be at your best.


Movement Assessments

Standing. lying down, seated, and on all 4's we will get to see your body moving in all the ways that help keep us moving in our daily lives.

How well do you walk up and down the stairs?

Can you get down on the floor and the back up easily?

Are you able to lay flat on your back or stomach?

Can you tuck your fee under and put pressure into the ground?

We will answer these questions and have solutions for any movement challenges we discover.

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