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Trial Practice

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Can I do yoga if I am unable to get down on the floor?  Yes, you can still do yoga even if you can't get on the floor.  In the example videos of cat/cow pose below you will see how we have different options available.  We have options available for most of our poses that can make them easier or more difficult depending on what a student needs that day.

How long is class? Classes last 60 minutes.  We recommend that you show up for class around 5 - 10 minutes before start time. 

How long will classes be offered in my area?  Yoga classes are offered year round as long as there is consistent attendance and continued interest.

What should I wear? You can wear anything that is comfortable for you to move in easily.  As we bend over frequently in our practices you may want to avoid extra loose fitting shirts, skirts, or short shorts.

Do I need to wear tennis shoes? No we practice yoga in bare feet or with socks on.

What should I bring with me?  We encourage you to bring a bottle of water with you.  You are welcome to bring your own mat, block, and strap, or you can use the ones provided. 

Can I bring my cell phone to class?  We ask that you silence any cell phones or smart watches in order to be free of distraction and to not disturb other students in class.  If you are expecting a call that can not be ignored please take the call outside of the yoga class room. 

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