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We have 3 styles of classes available in studio at GF.

Exploring how your body functions and learning how to mobilize it
for better movement is the focus of this class.
We combine the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga styles along with               our breath to inspire actions within the body as we learn new poses and new ways to approach the yoga poses in our practices. 
The goal of this class is to leave with more mobility and energy in our bodies, and more peace in our hearts.  

Move Better Vinyasa


Forever Young Vinyasa

Moving at a slower pace, our Forever Young class gives anyone a chance to participate in Yoga.  Using props like chairs, blocks, and straps each student can feel strong and confident in their ability to learn

and practice yoga.  Balancing poses are front and center in this practice working those muscles that help in daily living.  Poses stretch and

work muscles as well as move every joint in the body,

keeping spines flexible and bodies young.


Feel Better Restorative


A restorative yoga session is release, a pampering that opens your body for total relaxation.  It's like going on vacation - no phone calls, emails, texts, or tweets.  You'll be completely out of reach from the outside world.  Rejuvenated at the end of the practice, you'll be ready to step back into your life with a renewed sense of peace and calm. 

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