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Class Schedule


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Lemoyne Senior Center

Mats, blocks, straps and chairs provided.


Our Yoga Principles

** Yoga is a GIFT we give ourselves

** Step onto or mats with an OPEN MIND and HEART

** "INTO ME SEE" become intimately acquainted with and learn to listen to our true selves


** Focus on our BREATH and enjoy the peace and relaxation it can bring to us

** SLOW DOWN and MOVE to the pace of our own peaceful breath

** Honor ourselves by ONLY DOING WHAT WE CAN DO that session

** RELEASE JUDGEMENT of ourselves and others

** Keep our thoughts, eyes, and focus to what is happening on our own mats by                     letting go of COMPETITION and COMPARISON

** FREE our EXPECTATION and EMBRACE whatever happens for us in class

** DIMINISH our THOUGHTS of LIMITATION and grant ourselves permission to fit the poses to our bodies by using props and other options available to us.

** Learn to get COMFORTABLE with BEING a little UNCOMFORTABLE

** WELCOME IN the wisdom and benefits that each pose has to offer

** It is important to TAKE BREAKS AND REST if and when we need to

** Be PATIENT with the PROCESS yoga is a practice not a destination

** Our mat, in our yoga class is a SAFE space to explore our bodies, minds, and spirits


Membership Cards

Single Class Walk-in



Yoga Card 4 Classes


4 classes in 6 weeks



Have questions, or ready to join our class give our instructor Richelle a call at 970-463-5301



Yoga Card 6 Classes 


6 classes in 8 weeks

Yoga Card 12 Classes 


12 classes in 16 weeks

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