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                                                                         In our yoga classes we believe that where you are today is enough.  We feel that with

                                                                    a little persistence from our students, and our instructors helping them to find the 

                                                                    right combination of support in each pose that make our yoga classes accessible to

                                                                    everybody and every body.  With a little patience, consistent practice and an open

                                                                    attitude anyone can do yoga and reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. 

      Yoga is an individual journey in a group setting.  The reasons why people start down yoga's path are varied and as individual as each person in class.  For some it is a time out from their busy lives where they get a chance to take time for themselves, where they can relax, let go of stress and slow down.  Helping them to rejuvenate their energy and be ready to race through their lives again.  For others it's a chance to keep their bodies strong and limber so they can continue with daily activities.

     No matter what brings you to your mat once there its a chance to explore who you are without the outside world getting in the way.  With an open mind and heart you can unwrap the gift that is yoga, helping you to live your best life.  You might even discover abilities, or goals and accomplishments that you never even imagined.



More information about our different class styles is available on the in-studio page. 

Please check the schedule for the class days and times.

     We can accommodate nine students in each of our 60 minute long yoga classes.   

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