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Group Fitness Coaching

Our Group Fitness Coaching Sessions are a great way to further your physical fitness.  With up to 6 members in each 45-60 minute session you will feel the camaraderie and reap the benefits of a great workout with friends new and old. 

We have 2 formats to choose from Metabolic and Total Body.  During a metabolic interval session (our version of cardio) you will work to get your heart rate up followed by a period of rest while moving through a circuit of exercises designed to get results.  After a metabolic session you will say goodbye to boring steady state cardio workouts like running on the treadmill, walking, or spending hours on the stationary bike.
Total Body strength training sessions use tools like dumbbells, kettlebells, and sadbags to take your body through a full range of movements. You will develop a foundation of fitness that makes moving through your everyday activities a breeze.
Check out the schedule on the Home tab to see what days and times our Group Fitness Coaching Sessions are offered. 

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